Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vacation Message: Key West

Roger and I are freshly-packed (both of us in his new boat-and-tote - let's hope we can carry on!), and with just one all-day meeting, a paper, class, and a final to go, we're almost on our first vacation since France.   We've decided that in order to better enjoy the sun and sand, we're not going to bring our computers, so I won't be blogging during this trip, but I look forward to re-capping when we get back.  We'll be driving from Miami to Key West via Route 1, and then spending five days in Key West, before spending one more day in Miami.  If you have any suggestions for things to do, we'd be so happy to try them out, so please leave them in the comments!

I hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas if you're celebrating, and I'll look forward to being back in the space shortly after with some changes to the blog and some New Year's resolutions!

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