Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is my 27th birthday.  I've had a lovely day at work, and I'm looking forward to teaching this evening and then enjoying a home-cooked dinner after office hours.  I've gotten so many wonderful messages and thoughts from friends, and I feel like a very lucky lady indeed.

Partially in honor of my birthday, partially in honor of AWP, and mostly in honor of the fact that I lose all vacation days at the end of March, I'm taking a staycation next week.  In case you're blissfully unaware of this, a staycation is where you take time off from work and stay home.  This is, frankly, not a concept I enjoy very much.

I've only ever had one other staycation in my life, in November of 2011.*  You may be noticing that these staycations have coincided with graduate school, when money is low and time is short.  My great hope is that one day, and one day soon, I will never have to "go" on a staycation again.  In case you haven't noticed from this blog, I really love traveling.  The idea of wasting my precious few vacation days trapped in New York in the winter is really gross to me.  This is particularly painful because I'm wasting them to catch up on school and teaching work, and I know when I return, I'll have a massive amount of job work to re-catch up on again.  But alas, c'est la vie.

While I won't be following the common advice of "explore new parts of your home city!" and wandering out to Forest Hills or Staten Island, I am going to be heading to Boston on Thursday morning for AWP, and may stop at my parents' house at some point to do my taxes on their computer and watch The Walking Dead.  And, on the days when I will be in the city, I am really looking forward to holding office hours, teaching, and being able to really devote myself to writing for at least a few solid hours.

So, sure, it's not going to be Key West.  And it's certainly not going to be San Francisco/Portland, which we're planning to do this August.  But, it'll be productive, and that's going to be wonderful.

Have you ever gone on a staycation?  Any tips for how to make it feel less daunting/depressing?

*This actually ended up being a lot of fun, because it was Thanksgiving week and a bunch of friends stayed with us.  Sadly, it also meant that I didn't get a lot of work done.  Which was probably okay, because I look back at that time, and think, Kristin, with that workload, you did not know how good you had it.


  1. I took one last year when friends visited, and plan on taking one this year. Vermont is the best in the summer so it's nice to have a week off to do things and just enjoy your own backyard.

  2. Happy Birthday! My tips for staycation are: have a little morning routine or ritual and buy some special foods you really like. Maybe the theme for your week could be: "Victorian Garden Party: A Prelude to Spring."

    1. And by special foods of course I mean Annie's Cheddar Bunnies!

    2. Oh, I WISH my week had been themed with a Victorian Garden Party. That's just about the best theme there ever can be.