Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine: Maryland & Washington, DC

On April 27th, Roger and I hopped in my parents' car at 4am and headed down to Maryland for my good friend Sarah's bridal shower.  We planned to split the drive down, but when I switched into the driver's seat, my back really started to bother me and we had to switch back at a rest area about an hour later.  We arrived in Potomac (the town where Sarah's fianc√© grew up) without hitting any real traffic, and I dropped Roger off at a subway stop so he could head into DC to see an exhibit at the National Museum of African Art and settle things with the AirBnB we'd rented for the night.  I proceeded to the shower without too much pain, and had a really nice time celebrating Sarah and her upcoming marriage.  A few friends from Sarah Lawrence were there, and it was great to see them, too.  Sarah looked so beautiful and I know that all the gifts we gave her will be put to good use; she throws the best parties!

After the shower, I headed east to Annapolis, where the fabulous Carlea lives.  After stopping by her house to change and say hello to her mother, she took me on a walking tour of town on the bay.  It was a really gorgeous day and we wandered down the main drag to the bay itself, where they were having a boat show.  We stopped for ice cream at Storm Brothers Ice Cream, which was the perfect mid-walk treat.  The buildings around town are really beautiful, and Carlea knew a good bit of history about a few of the houses.  It was so great to see her, and I'd definitely recommend stopping in Annapolis if you're ever in the area - it was lovely.

I drove down to DC and met up with Roger at the AirBnB, which was actually a fantastic choice.  We stayed right in Capitol Hill and the price was much more affordable than hotels in the area.  Roger and I had dinner at Dukem, where we split one of the deluxe vegetarian platters and Dukem lamb, which was really delicious.  It was a huge portion and the prices were right, so I would definitely recommend it.  The next morning, we eschewed our favorite doughnuts for a walk to Eastern Market, where we sampled empanadas, perused antiques, and bought Roger a few dress shirts.  After that, we headed back to the car and up toward New York.  The trip was too short, but we had a blast and I hope we can make it back down to DC again someday soon!

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  1. I was JUST at Eastern Market this weekend! Isn't it so fun? Glad you enjoyed your time in DC! :)