Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gratituesday: Ice Pops

Nothing says summer quite like an ice pop on a hot summer day.  In addition to my long-time obsession with summer, they remind me of the ones my mother used to make for me when we stayed upstate during weekends in the summer.

Since Roger and I are trying to eat a little healthier (okay, okay, he's eating a lot healthier, I'm eating a little healthier), when I was craving ice cream last week, I picked up a healthier alternative, Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars.  I was happily surprised when they became my absolute favorite thing.  I've almost finished the box of peach ones I bought, and when I do, I'll try a new flavor, but it will be hard to let go of the peach because they are so good!

They aren't quite as "all-natural" as the ones I made on my own, but they're pretty darn close, and in addition to tasting better than any I've made, they're also a whole lot easier to open and eat!  I haven't given up on making my own entirely, but for now, this is a really wonderful alternative, and when I'm coming back from a hot run, I'll take it!

I remember making them with pudding when I was a kid, but haven't tried those since, and my experiments have generally been lackluster (yogurt pops that are never quite sweet enough, lemonade pops that are too sweet, etc.).  Does anyone have any really great recipes for ice pops they love? 

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