Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MFA Week: The Great Grad School Debate

A few months ago, Online Education wrote to me about featuring The Great Grad School Debate, an infographic they've created to help potential students decide if graduate school is right for them.  I think it's clear from this blog that grad school absolutely was the right choice for me.  I've known since before college that I would eventually go to grad school, and for me, it was more about deciding which type of school would be right for me.

BUT! The decision is not so easy for everyone.  There are so many things to take into consideration, and so many questions to ask yourself before you start requesting transcripts and making lists of your ideal faculty.  Is grad school in your budget?  Will it help you in your career?  Can you handle the workload?  The Great Grad School Debate seeks to help answer those questions, and give you a little education on grad school in the meantime.

Using a choose-your-own-adventure style (and seriously, who didn't love choose-your-own-adventure books?), the graphic leads you through a variety of possibilities, asking you to pause and think about many of the issues that come up with getting a graduate education.  Along the way, it also gives some handy statistics.  For example, did you know that 54% of employers will help with education payments? 

While it certainly won't make the decision for you, I think it could be really helpful for someone who is casually considering grad school.  And, for the record, pretty much no matter what I put down (as long as it was truthful to my situation), I ended up at graduate school.  When the heart knows, it knows.

By the way, Online Colleges is a really interesting site.  They're devoted to being a resource for online education, but reading over their blog, The Open Academic, they also discuss a wider range of topics in education, like student loans and teen mothers.  Definitely worth a look - things are changing quickly in education these days, and whether you think MOOCs are amazing or the end of academia as we know it, it's always good to know more about it.

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