Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Working It Out

It was a really gorgeous weekend in New York - perfectly sunny but still a hint of autumn chill in the air.  I took advantage of the good weather with a workout everyday, and seeing friends in between.  On Friday, I took a pilates class at the gym near my office during lunch, and was really pleased to find it wasn't nearly as difficult as when I took it a few weeks ago - my core strength seems to be improving, slowly but surely.  That evening, I met up with one of my roommates from college for drinks and appetizers at Buceo 95, which was lovely.  The wine we ordered was sweeter than I normally like, but it was delicious and more complex than I was expecting, and I really enjoyed the appetizers we ordered as well.

On Saturday, after sleep for almost eleven (11!) hours, I woke up and headed out for my long run, 6.5 miles.  I haven't run that much since early July, so I was a little disappointed to see how slowly I was going, but it felt great to get back to the loop in Central Park, which I hadn't run since last summer.  It's such a great path and although I could do without the crowding that inevitably happens as you get further south, I'm always happy to be running it.  The half I'm training for is actually two loops of the park, so hopefully it will feel familiar come December!  After that, we went grocery shopping and discovered that the barbecue shop in the back of our grocery store is actually delicious!  We split a platter for a late lunch, and then headed out to an opening at Art In General.  The opening was fun, but I wasn't really moved by any of the art, which felt like that very special brand of contemporary art that is all about money and not at all about passion.  We headed to Home Sweet Home for drinks, and took in the 50s and 60s hits and taxidermy before calling it a night.  I'd never been there, but had a really wonderful time.  After hearing that Happy Ending Lounge recently closed, it's nice to know of another bar I really like in that area.

I've been taking this class my gym offers, Total Body Conditioning, recently, and took another one on Sunday morning.  It's always different, based on the instructor, but always incredibly hard.  It combines aerobic exercises with weight training, and so it helps build muscle and work on cardio simultaneously.  I really love it and I'm always totally wiped by the end of the class.  After that, Sunday was all about work.  I've been slammed this week, so I took extra work home to finish up.  It's never a fun way to spend the weekend, especially when it was so gorgeous out, but with all that I have to do this week, I know I'll be glad I got those loose ends tied up.  I finished up the weekend with a little reading - I just started MaddAddam, and really love it.  Margaret Atwood has been one of my favorite writers for almost ten years, and I credit her for really making me love poetry, so I was thrilled to pick it up, and I haven't been disappointed.  It's not quite as good at Oryx and Crake, but I definitely like it better than Year of the Flood.  It's so nice to be sucked into a book again!

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