Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekday Wanderings - Fall in New York

I've been trying to get in a little extra exercise during my day by doing simple things like walking the long way around the office to refill my tea or getting off the subway a few stops early and walking home.  I did that today, and walked about a mile home during sunset, which was really beautiful, if a little cold for my dress and leggings.  The leaves are finally starting to turn, and while they aren't quite as vibrant as the ones we saw last weekend in New England, it was still lovely to see them.

One of the playgrounds in Central Park.

My runs recently have been short (and sometimes inside, god I hate the treadmill), so I haven't gotten much of a chance to enjoy it.  But I'm looking forward to a nice long run this weekend to take in some of the sights.  Maybe I'll take it along the river instead of on my usual park route!


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