Thursday, November 7, 2013

Abundance Everywhere

One of the amazing things about the internet is how it's helped me connect with loved-ones, from people I talk to everyday to perfect strangers to old acquaintances.  Sarah Venditti is one of the latter, and I'm so glad to have found her several years after we both graduated from the same high school.  I was completely intimidated by her then - she was, and is, seriously smart and talented - but also completely enthralled by the projects she took on.  She's still taking on incredible projects, the most recent of which is Abundance Everywhere.  Even though it's not a Writer Wednesday (and I hope Sarah will do one of those interviews soon!), the project aligns so well with the travel theme of this blog and the collaborative theme of my life that I felt I had to spread the word about it.  Sarah, as usual, puts it much better than I could:

Abundance Everywhere is an exploration of community. Our mission is to prove to people that sharing parts of ourselves actually creates abundance, not scarcity. Over the course of 60 days we are traversing the country in search of communities, businesses, organizations, groups of friends and individuals who are already living the abundant lifestyle. We will learn from their examples, document it for you and give back our own knowledge, ideas, and local goods. Our hope is that by featuring these successful models, people will be inspired to create a more meaningful presence on the earth. In the spirit of Abundance, we will be couch-surfing the entire way and attempting to utilize the excess we find so as to rely as little as possible on money. We are inviting people to follow our journey and participate in any way they see fit; to get out of their comfort zone and into the community, to borrow instead of buying, to collaborate instead of compete, to redirect excess to those who would gratefully accept it and share, more authentically, this grand experience with others.

I hope you'll follow Sarah, Phil, Chicky and Penjie as they make their way across the country, and if you're able to, help support them in their journey.

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