Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wanderings - Homecoming & Friendsgiving

What a lovely weekend!  On Friday, after picking up my race-packet in Union Square, I headed to Grand Central to catch the train up to Bronxville for Sarah Lawrence's homecoming basketball game.  I waited in the station for a while, and took in their light show, which this year is in the windows that line the western wall of the building.

Once Roger and our friends Julia and Caroline joined us, we headed up to campus.  The game was great - the Gryphons won! - and they had a little halftime show and barbecue.  A clear highlight for Julia and me was finding our old uniforms from when we rowed together at the uniform sale.  After the game, they had an alumni gathering at a local bar.  It ended up being very small, and so we had a chance to meet all the coaches and athletic director, and learn a little more about SLC's admission into the NCAA.  I really didn't know anything about the association, so it was great to hear a little more about some of the benefits they offer.

On Saturday, I woke up early to start cooking for Friendsgiving.  I made a turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn pudding, and Indian pudding.  Barring one pretty bad burn, it all turned out really well, even the gravy.  People started to trickle in with so many delicious dishes - really incredible stuff.  It ended a little earlier than it has in years past, and as always, I was sad not to be able to spend more time with everyone there, but overall, I think it was a successful evening and I'm still full on Thanksgiving leftovers.  After most of the guests had left, a few of us stayed around playing a few different games, and it was wonderful to spend the extra time with them, and have a few extra hands to help with the clean up!

Sunday morning was really early, for the Running Festival of Lights race.  I'll recap that tomorrow, but it was a great one!  After the race and a lovely breakfast with our friends in Bay Ridge, Roger and I headed back to the city for the afternoon.  We did a little thrifting (lots of gorgeous items to peruse, but nothing to buy) and then met up with a few friends to explore the New Museum.  They have an exhibit up on Chris Burden up right now.  You start on the top floor and work your way down.  I was really turned off by the top floor (some pretty disturbing performance art), but as I walked down, the work became more and more appealing to me.  My two favorite pieces were "Tower of Power" and "A Tale of Two Cities."  [ETA: If you're interested in learning more about Chris Burden, a rep from Artsy recently contacted me to direct you to Artsy's Chris Burden page. Artsy is working hard to make all of the world’s art accessible to anyone. Their Chris Burden page, for example, includes his bio, over 50 of his works, exclusive articles about Burden, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions. We gave a few friends who work for Artsy and they're doing some interesting things, so I wanted to update this and add in a link. Click away!]

We stopped for dumplings on the way home, and then did a little bit of cleaning and relaxing to cap off the weekend.

On the roof at the New Museum

Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving week!

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