Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Poetry & a Long Run

Had a great weekend, but was a little busy to post about it this morning.  On Friday, after work and a quick clean-up, Roger and I headed to Poets House, one of my very favorite spots in the city, for a really excellent lecture on contemporary African poetry.  Dawes was a fantastic speaker, and now I have some great new books to add to my to-read list.

That evening, Allison spent the night at our place, and we kept her up way later than I think she wanted talking.  Even though I'm sure she was exhausted from flying and being tattooed, it was great to catch up with her.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and headed to yoga with Alana.  It's a really nice hatha yoga class, and it's never too much for a Saturday morning.  We did a good number of leg stretches, which was wonderful because I was about to head out on my longest run yet:

Yikes!  The eleven miles actually went by more quickly than I'd thought they would, though I'm still having trouble keeping my time under 12min/mile for these long runs.  It was a chilly 39° out, but I was actually glad for it to be a little cold, and after the first mile, I was pretty warmed up.  I ran along the Hudson instead of in Central Park, which was a great change of scenery.  (The fact that it's mostly flat didn't hurt, either!)  I think I'll need to do the rest of my training runs in the park, just because that's where the half-marathon is and I need some more practice on those hills, but I'll definitely be making my way out to the river again soon.  It's beautiful, flat, and passes some really fun stuff - the Intrepid, Chelsea Piers, and the Statue of Liberty.

Riverside Park

GWB & Seagull

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge
By the time I passed under the Brooklyn Bridge, I was starving!  I guess I've learned about how far I can run on a mostly empty stomach - about 9 miles.  I was desperate for the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory ice cream just across the bridge, and I'm definitely planning to pick up some Gu before my next long run - 12.5 miles!  Other than that, I felt pretty strong during most of the run.  I got a second wind around miles 5-6, which went almost as fast as my first one.  At mile 7, I decided to try intervals between running and walking (.10 miles each), and that was a really terrible idea.  During the running portions, my right hip was killing me, and the walking really slowed me down.  I did one more interval (3 minutes running, 1 minute walking) at mile 9, and that felt a lot better, so now I know that if I need a rest, I should do something more like that.  Overall, it went pretty well.  I can't wait for race day in December!

On Sunday, I had another really good, productive day.  My friend Sophie from school came over, and we spent about five hours sending out submissions and working on poems.  I've been trying really hard to approach writing with the same vigor I've been approaching workouts lately, and overall, it's been a really positive experience.  I feel more productive than I have in months.  Hopefully with a little more pushing, I'll be able to reach that goal of 52 submissions I set for myself back in January.  (If the marathon can't happen - and thanks to my back injury it definitely can't - hopefully at least the reading and writing can!)

As if to keep encouraging me, this morning, I got my contributor copies of one of my first print publications (and, interestingly enough, a review copy of a book on the benefits of failure, go figure).  I haven't really mentioned it here, but I recently started a new job at my company, doing more writing.  It feels like things are really starting to fall in place!

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