Tuesday, November 5, 2013

West Coast Wedding Extravaganza - Day 2

Sunday, August 18, 2013 - San Francisco, CA

After getting the touristy business out of our systems (okay, my system) on Saturday, we awoke on Sunday morning to a delicious breakfast prepared by Drew.  He also very kindly drove us over to San Francisco's City Hall on his way to class, so we could easily walk to the Asian Art Museum.

We went into the museum not expecting very much, but it was actually one of my very favorite museums that we visited.  They had some really eclectic collections of beautiful art work, and their labels were some of the most interesting I've read.  One room in particular stood out to me: with a reproduction tea room in the corner, it also had an exhibit on baskets and the way basketry is passed from generation to generation.  Really beautiful stuff.  We had some tea and daifuku in their cafe, which was a much more tranquil cafe than the average museum's.  If you're in San Francisco, I would definitely recommend stopping by!

We wandered over to Burma Superstar on the recommendation of one of Roger's coworkers.  She had great recommendations the whole time, and this was no exception - it was one of the best places we ate the whole time!  We had the samusa soup, rainbow salad, and one of the curries.  I'd never had Burmese food, and this was really wonderful, so I would definitely like to find a similar place at home.  Afterward, we shared a milkshake at Toyboat Dessert Cafe, which was also really delicious.  Then we took a nice long walk through Golden Gate Park to the de Young Museum, which has some interesting art and a really beautiful tower with panoramic views of the park. 

For even more art, we headed to Pier 70 to meet up with Kristin and Drew, and see Kristin's great work in action at the Urban Air Market.  Kristin sells some incredible prints (I especially love her Flying Pig print, but Roger likes the Cuddlefish ones), and it was really cool to visit her at work.

The market also had a great band, food trucks, and lots of other awesome booths, so it was fun to wander around for a bit, and we helped Kristin pack up at the end.  We headed back to their apartment and enjoyed a nice dinner before turning in early, since we had plans for a big day trip on Monday.

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