Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writer Wednesday - Christie Jardine

I was so thrilled when the first person to respond to my call for interviews was Christie of What Christie's Doing in Denmark.  I first met Christie at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, likely during a party at Roger's house.  She's an incredibly kindhearted and fun person, and last year, she lived and worked in Denmark.  Her blog records all her travels around Europe, and what daily life was like for an expat.  Now that she's home, I can't wait for her to start posting again about her daily life in New England.  (True story: When Roger and I were on vacation in Maine, we bumped into her parents at an inn in Camden!)

Christie in her favorite place on earth, hiking down from the Gornergrat to Riffelberg in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Who are you? I am Christie Jardine, world traveler. I'm home now, but I've spent the last year discovering myself and working at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Where can you be found online? My blog can be found at I also guest starred on Bearica Quinn's amazing cat blog. [Note from the editor: we'll be featuring that amazing cat blog soon!]

Do you have a blog or other online receptacle for your work? If so, how would you describe it to a stranger you've just met while on vacation? I would describe my blog as letters and pictures that I'm sending to my grandmother who is obsessed with the details. She wants maps of every place I go, she wants to hear about every story- mundane or exciting- with my friends that she's never met. She wants to know what I ate, when I ate it, and if I would eat it again. She's a little chatter box, and I write about absolutely everything to take her along with me.

What inspired you to start writing/blogging? When did it happen? I have always kept a journal while I traveled, but I decided that I'd make it public for the first time since I was leaving for over a year. I thought that it'd be an easy way to keep in touch with everyone, or at least let them know what was happening in my life. Plus, writing about travels gives people new ideas for their own adventures, which I always encourage.
Christie and her father near Aberfoyle

Why do you write? I write because I think it's important to reflect on our experiences. It also helps me remember things, because I generally have a terrible memory.

Who inspires you? My grandmother, who's also a world traveler, inspires me.

If you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Great question! Also very difficult. It's so hard to say since I've had the opportunity to go to so many places that I would have never chosen on my own- Tallinn or Poznan, for example- and I enjoyed these places SO much. So questions like these make me think of all of the places I want to travel to, but just don't know it yet. As cliché as it sounds, my dream would actually be to go to New Zealand and see (what's left of) the set of the Lord of the Rings. I'd really geek out over that. Plus, New Zealand's gorgeous. Otherwise, I want to go to Cappadocia, Turkey, because it looks incredible.

What is your favorite place on earth? Zermatt, Switzerland on top of the Gornergrat. Takes my breath away.

Anything else you'd like us to know? I love planning trips and meeting new people, so if you're ever looking to go somewhere new, then give me a call! Also, I can tap dance, so I'm a pretty good entertainer on the road.

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