Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fiscal Fasting - My Month on a Spending Diet, Day 15

So, I broke the fast on two occasions and I feel I have to 'fess up:
  1. On Thursday, January 23rd, Day 8 of the Fiscal Fast, I bought $8 tickets to Albany for next month, because I knew they would go up in price if I waited until the fast was over.  I would probably have forgiven myself as that being in the spirit of the law, but then I also ordered a beer at happy hour even though I said I would only drink water. Total spending: $15.
  2. On Saturday, January 25th, Day 10 of the Fiscal Fast, I bought a beer to celebrate Shaelyn's going away party, even though I said I would only drink water.  Then I also bought a biscuit and 1/4 pound of burnt ends.  Total spending: $20.
We also went grocery shopping for the first time.  Purchased: sweet potato, spinach, chick peas, and garlic (dinner for the week); yogurt (breakfast/help with sweet cravings); apples (snack/help with sweet cravings). Total spending: $17.

So, it's not the end of the world, but I feel pretty bad about those two bar spendings.  I kept thinking I was strong enough to just not buy anything while I was there, but I guess I'm not quite there yet.  I may add an extra two days onto the fast to repent, but we'll see.  One thing I've learned in Weight Watchers is not to make yourself nuts over past failings, just to use them to do better in the future, so that's what I'll do here.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well.  Last week we ran out of lunch/dinner materials on Thursday night, so the weekend was pretty interesting and I was so glad for the lunch they served at the baby shower! We have a lot of grains and beans, so on Sunday I had some pastina, and that was also fine.  I'm missing snacks most of all - I would kill for some cookies (we found a few FiberOne bars in the cabinet, which was nice) or chips, but overall, I think I'm healthier (and certainly a little richer) because of the fast.

I'm expecting one more grocery trip this weekend (need two types of cheese and tomatoes for a lasagna bake, and brownie mix to bring something to the Super Bowl party), and hopefully I won't have many more slip ups for the next 15 days.  I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. We've been trying to have some frugal food days after spending so much money on food over the holidays. Although the last two weekends we were away and it's so hard to cut down then. I love your shopping list of chick peas, sweet potato, garlic and spinach. They are some of my favourite things. Seems you've done really well this month, your two little slips weren't too bad...hope you do well for the next couple of weeks. I'll pop over to your blog to see how you're doing.
    Have an awesome weekend

    1. Thank you, Debby! We're definitely trying and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying following along!