Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gratituesday - VinnieLu's Beachside Confections

Probably you're still stuffed from Christmas cookies and New Year's champagne and Epiphany king cake.  If you're like me, you're subsisting mainly on detox soup so you can stop oozing heavy cream out of your pores.  And all that is well and good, but you know what is better?

VinnieLu's Beachside Confections' chocolate-covered potato chips, that's what.  One of our freelance designers sends them to everyone she works with at my company during the holidays, and since I switched jobs recently, now I'm one of those lucky few!

Prior to my days as a copywriter, someone left their box out for everyone to try, and I fell instantly, madly in love.  This year, when I received my own, I hoarded it at my desk (what fool would give this chocolate-gold away?) and tried really, really hard not to finish the entire pound myself before letting Roger try this confection I've been raving about for years.  He enjoyed it, though maybe not nearly as much as I did, so I finished the box myself and loved every ounce.

It looks like Lay's is making a giant bag of these, and while the idea of a giant bag of them is appealing to me, I'd be willing to bet that VinnieLu's is the way to go.  They're fresh and have the most perfect texture imaginable.  The chocolate is smooth, sweet, and creamy, and the chips are crisp and salty.  If you have a chance to try them (and you do!  you can order them here!), I'd definitely recommend you do, and I bet their coconut cups are also pretty darn good.  Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do, and keep in mind that my birthday is in a mere two months.

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