Friday, January 3, 2014

{This Moment} Holiday Edition

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I'm welcoming 2014 with wide open arms, but allow me one last recap before we start with a clean slate.  Our holidays were wonderful: Christmas Eve at my parents' house, Christmas Day at Roger's parents' house, visits from many dear friends in the week after, and a beautiful New Year spent in Astoria made it a holiday season to remember! I hope you found peace and joy in yours, and that 2014 brings you happiness upon happiness.

My parents' tannenbaum, complete with a new train set this year.

We had a nice dusting of snow on Christmas Eve!

Jackie and my father, who have been friends for decades.

My parents, Roger's family, and Jackie and Joanie enjoying appetizers.

Everyone about to sit down to dinner.

Roger's family and my mother opening some Christmas gifts after dinner.

My parents' cat enjoys his Christmas gifts: boxes!

My sister and her best friend were able to join us virtually from Florida on Christmas morning!
Christmas Day dinner at Roger's parents' house.

The whole group!

My parents!



On Boxing Day, we had a few friends over for wine and cheese.

Virginia Woolf was a perfect angel this holiday season, as always.

We took down our decorations a little early this year. They were beautiful, but I felt a little crowded.

On the 27th, I met up with Roger at his office for lunch!

And saw his cube for the first time!

Roger & V.W. share a special moment.

On New Year's Eve we headed through Harlem to Astoria.

And I was all dolled up!

Our 11th NYE together!

We met up with Shaelyn and E. at the end of the evening!

The first meal of 2014, using my new waffle-iron!

On our New Year's Day walk.

First museum of 2014!

Recap of this week on Not Intent On Arriving:

  • On Tuesday, I quickly wished everyone a happy New Year's Eve with an old favorite tune.
  • On Wednesday, I filled out my annual survey and talked about 2013's tribulations and triumphs, along with my hopes for 2014.
  • And yesterday I got back to my West Coast recaps, and talked about our last day in California, spent in beautiful Sonoma!
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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