Thursday, January 23, 2014

Truro Words Were Never Spoken - Cape Cod Wedding Weekend

This past Columbus Day, we had the opportunity to celebrate the marriage of one of my good friends from college, A, and her fiancee, M (who also feels like a good friend from college, since that's where I first met her). Of all our friends, they live the closest to us, and while we still don't see them nearly as often as I would like, I love meeting up with them for workouts and drinks in our neighborhoods whenever I can.  Plus, it gave us a great excuse to check out Cape Cod, a spot I hadn't visited since I was a kid!  Many thanks to both of them for allowing us to celebrate what I know will be a long and happy marriage!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

After a long (long, long) drive on Friday night, we immediately fell asleep at the hotel.  The trip the night before had been brutal, but I was so glad to wake up and be on vacation.  I checked out the beautiful gift bags that A and M had left for us, and took a little walk outside, only to discover we were right on the water.  We woke up a little too late for the group bike ride (and since I'm not a huge bike-riding fan, I wasn't too heartbroken), but we hopped in the car and headed into Provincetown to check out the sites.  We wandered around some really interesting shops, checking out antiques and buying a sweatshirt for me since it was so cold that day.  And, as we were about to head into a candy shop, we heard our names being called from across the street - A and M were on their bike ride, just returning from the dunes.  It was fantastic to see them and say hello briefly before they headed back to their hotel.

A pretty great picture of A in her bike gear, I think.

The whole biking group!

We did a little more shopping, and stopped in at Tim's Bookshop, where we perused the great selection for almost an hour.
After that, we made our way to their welcome lunch at the Sandcastle Resort. I'm not sure who catered the lunch, but the food was tremendously good (amazing sandwiches!) and it was great to meet some of A and M's family and catch up with friends from school, many of whom I hadn't seen since graduation.

At the welcome lunch!

We headed back to the hotel after that for a bit, and decided that given how cold the weather was, we didn't really want to spend much more time outside, and since a friend had suggested we try Captain Parker's, we decided to catch a movie a little further west on the Cape and then have a dinner of clam chowder. We ended up seeing Captain Phillips, which was pretty good and stirring, though not quite as stirring as the trailer for The Book Thief that we saw before it started (I was hysterical), but was maybe a little too stirring for a vacation movie.  Still, I was glad we decided to see it, and we headed to Captain Parker's afterward for what is some of the best clam chowder I've ever had.  (And after so many fruitless tries in Maine, it was nice to have a recommendation work out so well.  Thanks, Kiera!)  I'd highly recommend it, and even without seeing the movie (which was a fun, vacation-y thing to do, so I'd recommend that too), it was well worth the trip from Provincetown.  Kiera also suggested we try Sundae School, which apparently makes the best whipped cream anywhere, but unfortunately, they were closed when we drove by.  Next time!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

On Sunday morning, we woke up reasonably early, and took a nice long walk into town from the hotel.  On our walk in, we stopped at a garage sale in the hopes of finding an excellent gift for A and M, but unfortunately, there was none to be found, and all the awesome stuff that was there seemed too hard to carry back. Once we were in town, Roger met up with Sarah and Matty, and my three favorite students spent the rest of the morning at the Wired Puppy studying.
Sarah took this.

I headed out on my long run for the weekend, through the dunes where A had suggested biking the day before. She was completely right - it was absolutely gorgeous!  It would take a really long time to walk, I think, but for a bike ride or a run, it was perfect.  Mostly flat with some rolling hills, and absolutely gorgeous scenery the whole way through, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful runs I had during half-marathon training.  It was slow because I was taking so many photos of the beautiful landscape, which transitioned from beach to dunes to forest perfectly.

I met up with the gang at the Wired Puppy, and because I'm a wired puppy myself sometimes, I grabbed a latte and then went on another walk through Provincetown, picking up a few souvenirs and letting the three of them finish up with their studies.  We reconvened for lunch at The Lobster Pot, which was fantastic.  I think between us, we ordered four soups and four lobster rolls.  The chowder wasn't quite as good as at Captain Parker's, but it was still heads above any other chowder I've had in years.

 Then, it was time to get ready for the wedding!  It was a small, intimate gathering at Truro Vineyards.  It was so beautiful, but still so casual (the brides wore boat shoes!), and the food was absolutely incredible - a raw bar, plenty of delicious appetizers, and an amazing red velvet cake!  They had two signature drinks and the one named after M was a variation on my favorite drink of all time, elderflower and champagne - I drank far, far too many of those.  And the DJ was fantastic and kept the whole group dancing all night.

And, the last thing I remember is making a less than graceful exit, followed by the worst hangover of my entire life.  I can't even think about my favorite cocktail anymore.  Overall, I'd say that's the mark of a successful wedding!  Thank you, A and M, for letting us share in your profoundly beautiful day.

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