Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: Jackson Heights Baby Shower

This weekend went by awfully fast!  It seemed doomed when I returned home to find the house was still freezing (note that our thermometer doesn't go below 50*), we'd run out of food (those carrot sticks are two months old), and I've been called up for jury duty at the Supreme Court in March.  Awesome.  Basically, I read a little and went straight to bed.

Luckily, Saturday was a little better. I woke up with enough time to shower, remove my nailpolish, charge my camera, and wrap the presents for Becky and Carrie's baby shower.  Given my absurd inability to wake up lately, this was quite the feat, and set the tone for the rest of the day, which was lovely.

The shower was a lot of fun, and I think they liked the group gift all the Nosies bought them.  One of their friends hosted it in her lovely apartment in Queens, and we had a nice little lunch while we got to catch up. 

After that, Keriann and I headed to Astoria to help Shaelyn say goodbye to New York for a while, since she moves to Alabama this week.  We stopped at a few of her favorite bars and had a fantastic time.  It's always sad to say goodbye, but I can't wait to hear about all her adventures down south!

On Sunday, I met up with a friend from work to buy yarn for a committee we're on together, and then the rest of the day was spent doing some freelance copyediting work.

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