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West Coast Wedding Extravaganza - Day 8

Saturday, August 24, 2013

And then, all of a sudden, it was Saturday - the big day of the wedding! (To see some truly gorgeous photos from the wedding, you can check out Sarah and Matt's photographer, Lauren B. Photography or Style Me Pretty.  The images are absolutely gorgeous and capture their day much more than I ever could!  Seriously, get those babies loading while you're reading the rest of this. I wrote up this chuppah square!)

We started out the morning feeling a little rough from the night before, and headed to Sunday Market to meet up with friends and pick up some breakfast.  On the way, we saw the river and some of the bridges for which Portland is so well-known.  I have absolutely no idea what we ate.  I think it wasn't the elephant ears that the market is famous for.  It might have been Indian food.  Did I mention the morning was a little rough?

After hanging out at the market for a bit with the big group of us, Leah, Roger and I hopped a train and headed to McMenamin's Kennedy School, which was amazing!  Sarah and Matt actually considered having their wedding there, but it ended up being too small.  It's an old school that was purchased by McMenamin's and turned into a hotel and entertainment center.  There are tons of murals on the walls and several bars that looked amazing.  It was such an interesting spot, and I felt like I'd never been anywhere quite like it before.  If you're in Portland, the company has a number of bars, and I bet any of them would be awesome to check out.

This is just a tiny example of how cool this place is - the old boiler room!

Doing some weird poses in front of the Kennedy School.

I think Leah looks so beautiful in this picture!

As we were walking around the grounds, we saw a garage sale and picked up the PERFECT wedding gift for Matt and Sarah: Our Wedding Anniversary Book!   As Bed, Bath and Beyond says, "Ideal for couples embarking on a life shared, Our Wedding Anniversary Memory Book helps you build a lifetime of memories together."  And for $2, who could resist?  (I actually think this is adorable and would love to receive one if I ever get married.  But don't worry - it isn't the only gift we gave them.)

Roger is SO excited about our find.

After that, we headed to Meat, Cheese, Bread for what turned out to be one of the very best meals of the entire trip: the green bean sandwich.  It's an unlikely combo - grilled green beans, bacon relish, soft boiled egg, parmesan and aioli on sourdough bread - but oh my, it was absolutely out of this world.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Then, we headed back to the hotel to get all prettied up for the wedding.  It was held at the Leftbank Annex, and although it was a large wedding, it felt intimate and full of love.

Right before the ceremony

Me and the bride!

Sarah, who has been one of my very dearest friends since we were roommates in 2004, looked absolutely stunning and was easily the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.  Their band was fantastic, and the dance floor was packed with people.  And, at the end of the night, they brought in an ice cream cart from Salt and Straw, for some of the best ice cream ever, strawberry balsamic!  It was the perfect endcap to a gorgeous evening.

Party friends!

Sarah and Matt walking in for their first dance.

We tried to make the evening last a little longer by having an after party in the bridal suite at The Nines, but like most parties Sarah and I went to together in college, we got a noise complaint and had to be shut down.

Sarah at the after party!
After so many months of talking about the day with Sarah and traveling to various events before it, the wedding came and went in a blur of joy.  We had such an incredible trip, and the whole reason for it was this one night.  With so much love, happiness, and beauty, it didn't disappoint!

And, there was still one more day to go!

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