Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Writer Wednesday - Kate from Nautical by Nature

 Now that we're really in the dead of winter, it seemed like the right time to bring the warmth and happiness that I always think of when I'm near the sea.  Kate from Nautical by Nature helps capture all the beauty of the seashore in her blog, which features lots of fun treats, including preppy fashion and home decor.  She and I are both big fans of elephants, pearl earrings and the coast, and her blog brightens my reader every time I see it.

Who are you? Kate, full time nanny by day, blogger by night

Where can you be found online? Do you have a blog or other online receptacle for your work? If so, how would you describe it to a stranger you've just met while on vacation? I started my blog, Nautical by Nature, in the fall of my junior year of college (2007) as a virtual shopping list. I wanted to keep track of my nautical shopping finds (bordering on obsession) and share them with others. My sister actually came up with my blog name, it's a play on the hip hop group Naughty By Nature

What inspired you to start writing/blogging? When did it happen? I was out shopping one afternoon and found the cutest elephant stationery. I wanted to find the pattern on other items so I googled the designer (Vera Bradley) and pattern. I found a blog written by a preppy girl in Canada. She had posted the same stationery along with some other cute, preppy items. I was inspired by the blog I found. It was like finding my own personal shopper! I told my sister about it and she suggested I start my own blog with my nautical shopping finds. As a college student I was on a budget (mostly window shopping) so this was a fun (free!) alternative to shopping. That was in November of 2007. In January of 2008 I moved to Australia to do a study abroad program. My blog that had started out as a place to share shopping finds soon filled with posts on my adventures traveling around Australia.

Why do you write? After my semester in Australia and college graduation my blog continued to change. While the subject matter has varied over time, my readers have stuck with me through the years. I write for many reasons. Originally I wanted to share something with others, starting with things I found and growing to include personal experiences. Now as a full time nanny blogging is a creative outlet for me. I can work on graphics, promote small businesses, and best of all, make friends.

Your writing inspires me. Who inspires you? I am inspired by my two older sisters. I am inspired by my readers that email me with their own personal stories. I have been able to share so many special moments through my nautical photo of the week feature. I know it’s a clich√© but I find inspiration everywhere!

In keeping with the admittedly loose travel theme of Not Intent On Arriving, if you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would love to do an African safari. Seeing elephants in the wild would be a dream come true!

What is your favorite place on earth? Australia! From snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to hiking in Tasmania my time in Australia was unforgettable. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Anything else you'd like us to know? Thank you for featuring me, Kristin!


  1. Thank you again for featuring me!

    1. Any time, Kate! I'm so glad I was able to do it!

  2. Love these features. I do something similar and it is one of my favorite features!
    xo Elisabeth
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