Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fiscal Fasting - My Month on a Spending Diet, Day 25

Since breaking a couple times on Days 8 and 10, I've been back on the Fiscal Fast bandwagon and doing pretty well. One small exception is that I bought chips and a diet coke to supplement my lunch last Friday. I also bought a few non-essentials for groceries last week: ice cream, cold cuts, and ingredients for nachos. But, they were a welcome addition to our otherwise somewhat drab meals the past few weeks.  In total, all of these things cost about $35.

My necessary spending has included:
  • Court fees and mailing fees to try and get heat back into our apartment - $57
  • Ricotta and mozzerella to make lasagna for the week last week, plus apples and yogurt - $30
  • A space heater and thermometer (hopefully to be reimbursed post-court) - $45
Admittedly, a thing that has made it a lot easier is that I've been treated by a few friends:
  • Lauren bought me a beer and a meal for letting her stay with us while she was visiting from Boston last weekend. (Thank you, Lauren!)
  • Gina bought me a hot chocolate when we inadvertently had an hour to spare between two free events we attended together.  I'm looking forward to treating her next time we get together, post-Fiscal Fast. (Thank you, Gina!)
  • Roger bought me a hot chocolate this morning so that I would hang out at the coffeehouse and do work with him this morning.  (Thank you, Roger!  Sorry I made fun of you for falling off the fast!)
I try not to take too much advantage of it, but all of my incredibly generous friends (and my incredibly generous friends who have done lots of free things with me this past month) have made it a lot easier to have fun while I've been doing this.  Many thanks to everyone who has had us over to house parties, come to the gym with me, or eaten in our cafeteria at work so I could bring my lunch and still enjoy talking to you!

With five more days to go, I'm really feeling good about things.  The meal for the week is made up of all things we already have (we're making split pea soup), and I have a few free activities planned for the week, so I think I'll be able to keep it up through 2/14.  Next weekend, I'll let you know how everything went and tally up our spending to let you know how it goes! 

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