Friday, February 28, 2014

{This Moment} Golden Birthday Edition

Prelude to Spring: A Victorian Garden Party
A Friday ritual inspired by Amanda Soule & many others.
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Would you believe that this is the fifth birthday I'll have on this blog? And even more, that I've never really mentioned it on here? (I did blog about my surprise 25th birthday party, though.) Well, it is. And not only is today the fifth birthday I'm spending with Not Intent On Arriving, it's also my Golden Birthday, the birthday where the day of my birthday, 28, is the same as the age I am turning.

I was planning to throw a big bash where I would wear a gold sequin dress and drink a lot of champagne and all of my closest friends would come sing karaoke with me. But, it turns out that I don't own a gold sequin dress and I don't drink champagne anymore and okay, karaoke still sounds fun but it's a little late to plan it now. Turns out, sometimes the fabulous lives we live in our heads don't always work out in reality. I was even thinking of having gold glitter on a big birthday cake. But anyway, my nails are painted gold, so that's something.

I've had any number of wonderful birthday parties, including the one pictured above, which was my 22nd and A Prelude to Spring, filled with flowers and floral prints and a dump cake and rosewater cupcakes with pistachio. Leah was making everyone vegan cupcakes that year and mine were the best. My 25th, though a difficult one for me generally, was also a killer party, courtesy of Roger and the bartender he hired to make "Alien Tear" cocktails for us.  In high school, I threw some theme parties that I thought were out of this world: The Godfather, Lothaire Bluteau, The Passion; and my sweet sixteen was at Equus, a great restaurant overlooking the Hudson.

When I was a kid, my parents let me have a party at The Party's Here, a kid's birthday place where there was a bouncy castle inside. It was almost snowed out but friends still came despite the blizzard, and I wore a faux fur coat with my very own muff. Another year, it was at a pottery studio close our house, and I remember them bringing pizza out and all the girls just attacking my father as he put it down on the table. He called us piranhas. Honestly, to get a sense of how idyllic my birthdays have been, you should probably know that my mother, who hates cooking, once frosted a Minnie Mouse cake in pointillism icing for me - the same day that my sister was baptized, and another year made me a wedding cake with tiers and a Barbie bride on the top.

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing tonight. We've talked about going to Spa Castle or having a fancy dinner or eating Chinese take-out (another birthday tradition in the Maffei household), but I'm still not totally sure what our plans are. We'll head up to Mahopac this weekend for some cross-country skiing and dinner with our families, and then maybe hit the travel show at the Javits Center on Sunday. No matter what we do, I know it will be a nice, low-key weekend and we'll have a blast, even if it doesn't involve sequins.

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