Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Dave and Christie Visit

This was such a fantastic weekend that I couldn't even get it together to post about it yesterday! While Valentine's Day being on a Friday plus President's Day being on a Monday made this an ideal weekend for a getaway, Roger and I stayed put in New York and had a few house guests instead.

My funny valentines.

For Valentine's Day on Friday we were still on our fiscal fast, so instead of a fancy prix-fixe dinner or going out, we decided to hang out at home, eating some leftovers and playing Pandemic with Rob until Dave and Christie arrived from Boston. You may not know that I'm a big board game nerd, and after hearing many great things about Pandemic and getting it for Christmas, I was so excited to play my first cooperative board game. I really liked it, even though we lost really quickly, and I hope to be able to play it again soon. It's not quite as quick and easy as Timeline, but it's still great fun to learn and play.

Rob and Roger setting up for Pandemic.

On Saturday, Christie made us all eggs Benedict, which were delicious despite the difficulty of poaching eggs. I think I'll stick to soft-boiling when I want that texture in the future. We headed downtown to see The Monuments Men, which I really liked. It's about the group of people who helped rescue 5 million pieces of art from the Nazis. My companions weren't thrilled about the movie, and let me be real: if I see it on a big screen, chances are I really liked it because that's an experience I don't have much anymore, so I can't say for sure if it was worth seeing. But the story is fascinating, so if you don't want to see the movie, at least give The Rape of Europa a read.

Afterward, I headed back home to start cooking some chili for the little get-together we threw for a few friends. It was great to see everyone, and I think everyone enjoyed the food (I know I was pretty enamored with all the desserts everyone brought). Christina, Shakira and I met up with Courtney and a few of her friends for drinks later in the evening, and that was a wonderful time, too.

Hanging out post-party.

On Sunday, Cece was nice enough to paint my nails for me, and then I did a quick shop at Old Navy for some leggings, since my favorites were on sale. I also ended up buying a sweater on clearance and a nice pair of earrings. After that, Christie, Dave, and I met up with some of Christie's friends from Denmark for my first dim sum experience at Jing Fong. There was a long wait, but the food was so delicious and the experience so fun that I may drag Roger back next week for my birthday. We'll see.  My absolute favorite dish was their pork bun, which tasted like biting into a cloud, but there wasn't a single thing we ordered that I didn't love.  At only $12 a person, it felt like a pretty great deal, too! We grabbed some bubble tea after and then hung out at one of her friends' apartments in Chinatown, chatting about Denmark for a while.

Christie ordering pork buns!

I headed back home to meet up with Courtney for some pre-dinner wine, and once Dave, Christie, and one of Dave's friends from Geneva got back to our house, we all headed to Bad Horse for a delicious pizza dinner, ending the weekend on a high note. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone after spending such a great time surrounded by friends, but I'm hopeful I'll see everyone again soon!

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