Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Olympics Time!

On Thursday, I met up with my friend Gina to check out an exhibit at the Grey Art Gallery. They had a number of works by Jess and explored his relationship with Robert Duncan.  We really picked it as a place to spend a little time before a reading we were going to, but we both ended up enjoying the show, which showed off how wide a range Jess's work really encompassed.  The Grey Art Gallery is donation-based and a nice little spot to check out if you're near Washington Square Park.  After that, we had some hot chocolates at Le Pain Quotidien, where a stranger asked to take my photo, and headed to the NYU writers house for a reading by Joan Silber and Jean Valentine.  I'd never read any of Silber's work before, but after seeing her read, I definitely want to.  And Valentine was absolutely lovely - her poems are often short but powerful, and her delivery of them was just beautiful.  I'm so glad I went, and getting to catch up with Gina was fantastic, too!

Jean Valentine was really rocking it.

On Friday, Danielle invited us to her house to watch the Olympics opening ceremony, and we made ham sandwiches and watched the TV and I was so glad because I love the Olympics a whole lot.  We hung around for a while chatting with her, Rob, and Beth, and overall it was a great night.  We even somehow managed to catch a D train home so there were no transfers.  Life was beautiful.

Saturday was all about hanging out in bed until 4pm when we cleaned the house and made nachos and then got back into bed and watched Orange is the New Black.  Life was beautiful then, too.

Hot chocolate with a pretty design

And yesterday we did a little work at a new coffeeshop near the apartment, Double Dutch Espresso, and shockingly, I loved it and Roger was super-distracted.  Things usually work the opposite way in our lives.  I knocked out a recommendation letter and drank a delicious hot chocolate while Roger fretted about the conversation behind us and how he was being bumped every time someone wanted to go to the bathroom.  Odd times indeed.  After that, we bought a new space heater (warmth for the win!) and the headed home for more nachos and more work.  Life was less beautiful that day but still pretty great, all things considered.

Maybe this will be the week I start running again?

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