Thursday, March 20, 2014

Intentional Living This Spring

Basically, today has been the perfect first day of Spring, even if it's still a little chilly. (I was able to wear my light winter coat though, so that must count for something!)

I woke up and, on the suggestion of Erin, did my first Morning Pages routine, which was wonderful. I mentioned it on Instagram, and my friend Abba emailed me a few hours later to say she's had good luck with The Artist's Way, so I'm hoping this helps me too, since I've been embarrassed to admit how poorly my writing has been going lately. It wasn't easy to wake up and do it, but it was nice to get out all my anxieties before even leaving bed, and to start my day having actually succeeded at something. Work went well, with a break for pizza at my favorite committee meeting, and then I was able to get in a short run in the evening before meeting up with Sophie for our monthly-ish (quarterly?) poetry date, where I got almost caught up on my submission goal for the year (I've now sent 7, and I should be at 12.)

Honestly, I almost never accomplish everything I set out to in a day, and today, as long as I manage to brush my teeth tonight, I will have. And that's an incredible way to start this season of growth.

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