Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Switzerland, 2007

After a pretty nice weekend, I had a terrible day yesterday, for many reasons. It felt like nothing was going right and I desperately wanted to get out of the office and into some fresh air, except that the fresh air was freezing. Winter still hasn't ended. The only bright point in the day was Roger bringing home flowers and a chocolate bar I always comment on in the grocery store. It was an extreme bright point. I wanted to cry, seeing him walking down the hallway with those roses.

I'm feeling tremendous wanderlust lately. I think some of it must be this winter, trapped inside and still cold, and some of it must be reading the blogs of people who are on extended trips. I want it so badly.

I remember coming home and lifeguarding the summer after I traveled around Europe, and talking to one of the fathers who had brought his kids down to the lake to play. "You'll always have those memories," he told me. "One day, you'll be up at 3am rocking a crying baby to sleep, and you'll be remembering the time you went to Turkey. It's something you'll always have."

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