Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekday Wanderings - Korea Town and Violet

Earlier this week, Danielle invited me to come see a dress rehearsal of a new musical, Violet, which our friend Beth is working on. We decided to get Korean food in K-Town before the show, and had some delicious bibimbap at Kum Gang San. I'd really like to go one day and actually get some barbeque, but the food was great and I really enjoy that they give you frozen yogurt at the end of the meal. I really love frozen yogurt. Sadly, no one was playing the cliff-piano this time, but maybe next time...

Danielle on a very important business phone call right after dinner.

Many plates of side dishes.

The musical itself was really lively, and tells the story of a girl with a massive facial scar trying to get to a healing preacher to become beautiful. Because it was a dress rehearsal, when there was an error with the audio toward the end of the show, they stopped it, cleared the stage, and fixed the error, which was actually really interesting to see. It was also great to see the show with this particular group of people, since everyone knew someone involved in the production, and so it was a really excited and supportive audience. I'm in awe that we have so many talented friends who give me the opportunity to see things, like this show, that I would never be able to see otherwise!

A really fantastic time. Thanks so much to Danielle for inviting me!

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