Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Molly Visits NYC

This is a late weekend update, and one for a very low-key weekend! On Friday night, after a happy hour for a departing coworker (they always make me sadder than they should), I headed in to Williamsburg and got burgers with Molly, who was visiting from Boston, and Jamie, who recently moved to the neighborhood from SoHo. I was really surprised at how crowded everything was - we went to about five different restaurants with long waits before deciding to just stop in at The Burger Guru, which had seats available. The beet burger I ordered turned out to be really delicious and we had a great meal before heading back to Jamie's place to hang out for a while (or, in my case, to sleep on her couch, because I can't stay up past midnight anymore, I just can't).

Outside Absolute Bagels - our prime bagel-eating spot.
 On Saturday, we woke up to a gorgeous, warm morning, and I proceeded to throw a temper tantrum about having to do a million pounds of laundry while Roger met up with coworkers at the Armory Show. Not my finest moment. My parents ended up being in Yonkers to buy some electronics, so I met up with them (and skipped out on the laundry completely), and they were sweet enough to buy me a Venue 8 for my birthday, since both my computers recently conked out, proof that they are overly generous and also really wonderful to me all the time. I've been playing with it all week and really loving it, though it was frustrating to get set up. My keyboard case for it comes in on Friday, so I'm hopeful I'll really get to give it a go then.

In the afternoon, Roger and I apologized to each other and picked up our wonderful non-winter ritual of walking to Absolute Bagels and stuffing our faces before walking home. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life to have some warmer weather this weekend and week. In a winter without heat in the apartment, the cold has sort of pervaded everything we've done, and seeing some sun, being able to walk around in just a vest, did me more good than you can imagine. It also meant that the temperature of the apartment was at a legal level for three days in a row (March 10-12), which was amazing. In the evening, we headed back to Williamsburg against my will for some live music. The live music was terrible (duh, it always is even if the venue is great), so we bar hopped and Molly noticed that we were walking right past Momofuku Milk Bar. We've both always wanted to try it, so we stopped in and bought crack pie and cereal milk ice cream. It was pretty fantastic, so in the end, I'm glad we ended up back in Brooklyn!

On Sunday we ended up just relaxing (and playing with the tablet), and then on Monday I was finally excused from my 3-day long jury duty, so that was great. On Monday night, I signed up for my second half marathon! I'll be running it with Molly and Shelby in Philadelphia on June 14th, so if anyone in the Philly area wants to hang that weekend, let me know! I went for my first run since December on Tuesday and it felt amazing, so I'm really looking forward to training for this one.

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