Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekday Wanderings - Fire Drill

Clearly a little into panoramas at work lately.

We had a fire drill and evacuation at work last week. It was pretty amazing. Even though we do this annually, I have somehow managed to be out of the office every time we've done one in my previous five years here.

It's silly to say it was so cool, but it was so cool. We wandered down the 12 flights of stairs, and it was really interesting to see where our part of the building connects to the other organizations we share it with. I'd always expected our emergency exit stairs to let us out on the northern side of the building, but actually, we came out of what I'd always thought was a wall in the library!

It was disorienting and fascinating and I'm really glad I got to participate in it. It's funny, because I used to hate fire drills at school, but this one led me on an interesting little tour and then out into the beautiful sunshine. Our building is a New York City Landmark, and once housed one of the very first department stores on Fifth Avenue, B. Altman. If you're as interested in our history as I am, you might be interested in reading this description of the building and its past.

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