Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - All Around Brooklyn

This was a lovely weekend, but one that turned out a little differently than planned! On Friday, we were supposed to clean the giant mess of a house we have right now, but we were exhausted and ended up looking for apartments online instead. Shelby texted me because she realized the Walt Disney World Marathon was already 75% full, even though it had only been open for a few days, so we both signed up and then panicked about the undertaking we had in front of us. I'd intended to sign up in May or June, but we just dove in and I'm so excited to run it in January! Courtney let me know she signed up for on Saturday morning, so I'm really excited about running it with our little team; even if all of us live hundreds of miles apart, I am looking forward to having some long-distance support.

On Saturday, I woke up at the crack of dawn (okay, 7:30am) to go on a short run and met up with Alana and Mered for yoga and breakfast. After heading home for quick change, I met Roger in Sunset Park and looked at a few apartments with him. Since my experience, the move really feels like the right thing and a fun one. We've decided to spring for movers, and although it sounds like we can expect to drop a pretty penny on it, I think it will be worth it. I liked all the apartments we saw, though Roger wasn't thrilled with any of them. He'd seen some nicer ones earlier in Crown Heights, so right now, it looks like that's the neighborhood we'll be settling in, though we're still looking at Lefferts Gardens and South Slope, as well.

After, we were going to meet up with Susan at the Cherry Blossom Festival, but she was running late in the Bronx and it started raining, so we decided to hang out at the Brooklyn Museum instead. They have an interesting piece by Swoon up, called Submerged Motherlands, which I really liked, and a few pieces by Ai Wei Wei.

Brooklyn Museum

We walked through Crown Heights a little bit to get more of a feel for the neighborhood but it was raining and cold and pretty empty, so we headed up to Williamsburg for a quick drink before my friend Dann's book launch. The launch was really great, featuring some lovely poets, and I'm so excited to have picked up a copy of American Barricade. Can't wait to read it!

McCarren Park

Roger and I closed out the evening with Rob and another Dan at the Bellhouse, or, as I like to call it, a club. There was a lot of dancing and drinking and a good time was had by all until I turned into a pumpkin at around 1am and felt like I was actually going to fall asleep on the dance floor. Then Roger and I both fell asleep on the subway but somehow managed not to A. get robbed or B. miss our stop. Pretty amazing end to the night if I do say so myself.

Sunday was all about cleaning the house (finally), grocery shopping and cooking, and hosting my first clothing swap, which turned out to be a blast. Here's the set up before everyone arrived (so, yeah, just my clothes. I've got a lot.):

Once the guests started rolling in, we ended up really covering all the surfaces, and after all was said and done, we have three garbage bags to bring to Goodwill this week. I found a nice sweater, a dress, and a cute scarf, and I used up most of my willpower by not taking any more than that, because the point of this was to clear out my clothes before moving, not get a whole new wardrobe.

People stuck around for a few hours after all was said and done, and it was awesome to catch up with everyone, many of whom were my coworkers and former coworkers. It's been so lovely to meet so many great people through work, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I think everyone found a few things they liked, and I know most people are probably relieved to have some older things cleared out of their closet!

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  1. SO PLEASED YOU ARE MOVING TO CROWN HEIGHTS all for selfish reasons of course. So sorry I missed you this weekend, but I will be back in June and can't wait to welcome you to the neighborhood-- I have a real soft spot for it, and it's my home base when I come to call. xoxo