Thursday, May 29, 2014

My First Marathon!

Remember that time, almost exactly three years ago, where I said I didn't want to run a marathon, but if I did run one, it would be the New York City Marathon even though I secretly love Disney World?

Well, it turns out I was wrong on many counts. I am going to run a marathon! And it's going to be the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon! 

I'm as shocked as you are, but a few weeks ago, I signed up along with two of my favorite runners, Shelby and Courtney, and so come January, this is happening. I'm likely going to follow the Galloway training plan, because I found it so helpful for the half-marathon I ran in December. I don't do a run-walk combination like he recommends, but I do allow myself walk breaks when I feel like I need them, and his mileage has been really helpful to me in the past. Training officially begins on July 3rd.

And until then, I'm signed up for a few more great races. On Saturday, Shelby and I are going to run the Freihofer's Women's 5k, the very first race I ever ran. A few weeks later, I'll be running my second half-marathon (one that I am woefully undertrained for, so we'll see how it goes), also with Shelby and a few friends from Roger's college. Then, a fun 5k out on Coney Island in June, our annual 4th of July lake run, and my third half-marathon on the Rockaways over Labor Day. Nothing's planned for the fall, but I'm hopeful that I'll have a few more fun things schedule as the weather gets cooler. I'm also planning to start doing a few weekday runs with my local Jack Rabbit store, because I know I'm better at actually getting out and running if I feel like someone is waiting for me.

In January, I guess that someone will be this guy:

Plus, who wouldn't want to take a little trip down to Florida in the middle of January? I'm excited that Roger will be coming to cheer us on (our first trip to Disney World, aww!), along with my parents, Shelby's husband and parents, and hopefully Shaelyn (if her husband can get late entry into the race). It will be such fun to have a big group together.

Have you run a marathon? Any tips you have for keeping motivation up through the long training cycle and long runs?

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