Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - 2014 Freihofer's Run for Women

I was very excited to join Shelby for a very quick trip to Albany to run in my 3rd Freihofer's Run for Women. It was my very first race in 2011, and my first race after hurting my back last year. I arrived on Friday evening and was whisked away to see Malificent at the Hollywood Drive-In Theater. We had dinner in the car and generally enjoyed ourselves - the food and the movie were both great!

Drive-In Movie!

The race the next morning was perfect. The Capitol District was a little windy, but sunny and warm!

We arrived early, so of course we passed the time taking some photos, and hanging out with friends, including Aprill and Lauren, who were both running the race as well.

Shelby and me waiting for Aprill to arrive.

Shelby impressing Mike with her mad dance skills.

Aprill and I taking a pre-race selfie to calm her nerves.

The race itself went really well. It's just a 5K, but it's hilly and usually very hot, so I haven't ever made particularly good time on it. This time, the race gods were with me. I didn't have a PR, but I did have a PR on this course, so that felt really good. It feels like a great start to the race season!

All three of us were champions!

Too cute!

It was a short trip because Shelby was due in the city that evening to see a show with her mother, so we road tripped down to my apartment (thanks for the lift, Shelby!) and went our separate ways.

That evening, Roger, Rob, and I tried out a beer garden nearby, and it was great. It's funny to go to bars with people our own age. It seems like all the bars we tried out in Harlem and on the UWS were filled with either college kids or 40-somethings, so this was a nice change of pace.

And Sunday, after my long run, was a day of errands. We finally ordered a butcher's block for the kitchen, so hopefully the house will start to look more put-together soon!

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