Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Dog Sitting in Bay Ridge

This was a lovely, but jam-packed weekend. On Thursday, Roger and I went to the opening of Circa 1945: Abstract Art in the Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation Collection. The foundation has a lot of African art, so Roger has been to visit a few times, but it was my first time. It was really lovely, and I was especially impressed by the preserved studio they have:

On Friday, I ran some errands and headed to the gym before meeting some coworkers for happy hour. I haven't been as diligent about making it to the gym as I should be, and my thighs are feeling it! I'm a little nervous about this half-marathon this weekend. I'm really undertrained, but I hope that the race day energy pulls me through, and that it encourages me to really take training seriously for the marathon. Yikes.

We were supposed to head to the Morgan afterward for Free Friday, but we all decided that more drinks were in order, so we ended up skipping it instead. On my way out, I was greeted with this beauty of a sunset, down 34th Street:

On Saturday, after our super came to make a few last minute repairs, we turned the apartment over to our cat-sitter extraordinaire, Kateri, and headed down to Bay Ridge to start two weeks of dog-sitting this gorgeous lady:

Nola is a rescue greyhound that belongs to our friends Dana and Liz. They're two of our favorite people, and Nola is a perfect reflection of their personalities. She's laid-back and relaxed, but totally fun and a real sweetheart. Although I think these two weeks will prove that we're not quite ready for dog-ownership (our schedules just keep us out of the house too much to really be fair to a dog), we're so thrilled to be taking care of her. Living in their gorgeous Bay Ridge apartment has been pretty sweet, too.

Sunday was totally crazy. We had made a lot of plans, and close together, but if things had gone according to plan, we could have done it all.  Unfortunately, things got a little out of our control, and instead of spending the afternoon relaxing in the park celebrating Danielle's birthday, our kitchen belongings lovingly tucked away into the freshly assembled butcher's block we'd had peacefully delivered from Ikea, we found ourselves shuttling back and forth between various locations in Brooklyn, trying to switch out the incorrect box from deliverers who were less-than-competent and making sure Nola didn't miss her evening walk.

Sigh. At least it was beautiful out:

I also had the chance to interview a writer I really admire, which was great, and we did, eventually, make it to Danielle's party, which was low-key and filled with delicious cheeses and exactly what we needed to unwind after the whirlwind day we'd just had.

And then, we headed back to Dana and Liz's apartment, made dinner for the week (fried rice and tofu! that turned out to be delicious!) and I collapsed onto their unimaginably comfortable memory foam mattress, while Roger took Nola on her nighttime walk. Ah, sleepy-time bliss.

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