Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Get a Domain Name for Your Blogger Blog

Hey-oh! After literally years of blogging, I have finally purchased a domain name for this site. I know, I know. What took so long? Well, I was cheap for a long time. And then when I stopped being cheap, Blogger stopped selling domain names. And then I was lazy. But no longer! Behold the power of having a real URL!

Since my page on making my website using Blogger is one of the more popular pages here, I figured I should pass on some more knowledge (that's why I'm here, folks - passing on the knowledge).

My next blog tutorial will be "How to Use Photoshop Poorly"

How to Buy the Domain Name: (This is so easy that I actually just straight up did it myself. It was one of the more affordable ones, so I just went with it. If you google "Best Places to Buy a Domain Name," you will find lots of other likely equally good ones. If you use those, though, you'll have to find your own directions.)

How to Set It Up - Find your CNAMEs on Blogger: (Blogger was really helpful until Step 5. Then I had to bug Namecheap for support. Thank goodness for LiveChat.)

How to Set It Up - Put Your CNAMEs in Namecheap: (This was pretty straightforward, but I did need Namecheap to show me where it was.)

How to Set It Up - A Records: (You'll need the information in Step 9. Namecheap support makes it look like you can't do this unless you are also hosting with them also. But you can! You can add additional A records in Sub Domain settings section. Create four records like this: @ -> -> A (address). You should do this because it links your naked an actual If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the "www" will see an error page.)

How to Set It Up - Finish It Off: (Steps 10-11.)

Wait an hour or so, and voila! You have a domain name.

With all this information, it should hopefully take you less than a half hour of active time to set yours up, plus the hour of waiting for the DNS settings to activate. If you're me and searching for all this information, it will take about an hour, plus the hour of waiting time.

I was worried it would mess up my stats (which I just track through blogger), but so far they seem to still be intact. Likewise, I don't think you'll need to update your feed reader, but you can if you like. And, if you love visiting through the actual site itself, you can now do so by just typing in plain old!


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