Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Bradley Beach, NJ

Thanks for all your well wishes last Friday! You are all way too sweet.

This was a busy but wonderful weekend. It started at my cousin's house on the Jersey Shore, in Bradley Beach. We took some walks on the beach:

And ate some delicious food, including fish burritos, rainbow cookies, smoothies, and my very first lobster roll of the summer (and one of my favorites!):

On Saturday, Jennifer drove me back into the city and I headed up to the Cloisters to join Emily and co. for her annual picnic. I saw this little guy cross the street right outside the museum, and a woman asked me what they're called. A groundhog, I think. I am all about identifying little creatures in the world.

Sunsets were seen:

Cards Against Humanity were played:

Selfies were taken:

And overall, a great time was had!

On Sunday after my long run, I headed to Amy's house for a bit of writing. And jokingly taking some author photos. (Although seriously. If you need a place to take author photos, her apartment is probably the best one out there for it.)

After four different writing prompts, we headed out to watch the World Cup. For a bit we stood outside a bar:

And then settled down at Side Car:

As always, it went too fast, but it was a great weekend! Hope you had a lovely one as well!

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