Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Fourth of July 2014

(I've noticed I get a lot of visits to this page from Pinterest, and I think most of you are looking for ideas on how to style a Kallax bookshelf in a studio apartment. For more pictures of ours, have a look here, at our Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour. I'll try to post about how we customized our piece soon. And, if you're interest in how we decorated our last apartment, here's our Harlem One-Bedroom Apartment Tour. Thanks for visiting!)

My office was very generous this year, and gave us both Thursday and Friday off for the Fourth of July. I was shocked and grateful for the four-day weekend!

On Thursday, I slept late and then went on a nice morning run around the graveyard. It was hot and slow, but it was also the first run of marathon training, so I was just glad to get out there! I did a little shopping after, and then headed over to Roger's museum to meet him and spend our last afternoon together.

Grand Army Plaza

We ran a few errands before his trip and then I helped him pack before we enjoyed a dinner of Mexican take-out and I headed up to Putnam County for the weekend. Roger will be in the Ivory Coast for three weeks, so I was especially sad to say goodbye to him, though so far, he's had stable internet and we've been able to talk a bit.

Goodbye Selfie!

On Friday morning, I woke up and ran the Putnam County Classic, one of my favorite races. It goes around the lake in the center of my hometown, and it's teeny tiny. This is the fourth year in a row that I've run it, and it's also the first one that really went well, so I was really glad to have come home for it! I ended up shaving 7 minutes off my best time, running 10:40 minute miles. Pretty proud of myself! The cooler weather, thanks to an impending storm, helped a bit.

Next year, my goal is to beat the guy who carries the flag the entire way!

My parents had their annual barbecue, which was a lot of fun. It rained for some of the afternoon, which kept the temperatures nice and cool, and though it was a lot smaller than it has been in previous years, I have to say this was one of my favorite barbecues to date. It was great being able to catch up with all my parents' friends and hear what everyone is up to.

On Sunday, Cece, Rachel, and I went on a hike through Mohonk Preserve. It was a nice long hike, and we found ourselves right near a swimming hole for our picnic lunch, which was great, but there weren't as many scenic vistas as I'd hoped. Next time, I think we'll try for the trails out of the Mohonk Mountain House there. 

On Sunday, my parents and I dropped my sister off at the airport, and then took a trip to Ikea to get some fixings for the bookshelf that Roger and his father had put together the week before. It's a blurry picture, and it's definitely not done yet, but in case you want to see our progress, here's what our room divider is starting to look like:

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

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