Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: A Brooklyn Weekend

We had a very Brooklyn weekend. It's been harder than we expected, I think, to settle in and really feel like Brooklyn is home, and our friend Danielle pointed out that we haven't really been taking advantage of the things that make this borough special, so we can't really say we don't like it yet. (To be fair, when I'm living in a place, I tend to care a lot more about having a great grocery store and beautiful running routes than I do about having adorable coffeehouses and artisanal gift shops, but she had a good point that we haven't been exploring the way we should be.) Since then, we've made small efforts to find and enjoy new things (walking through Greenwood Cemetery to visit the parrots, indulging in Brooklyn bridge views and ice cream, spending more time than ever with all the friends we have here), and it's definitely helped assuage my Harlem-homesickness a lot. On Saturday, I even went on a long run and didn't spend the entire time hating my route for being too "urban" -- a major complaint from me lately.

Part of that is that I'm just getting used to my basic route, which takes me around Greenwood Cemetery. It's not the route has gotten nicer (it definitely hasn't), but that it's feeling more familiar, so even though it's not lovely, it goes by fast. And on the longer runs, I can go into Prospect Park pretty easily, and it is lovely in there.

Running Path in Prospect Park

After the long run, which went pretty well despite some tightness in my right ankle and calf, Roger kindly filmed me taking my ice bucket challenge. My reaction in the video is exactly what I would say now: It's a lot worse to dump cold water on yourself, even after a hot, sweaty run, than I would have expected.

After a quick shower, we were off to Park Slope for a delicious brunch at Fonda, which I'd highly recommend. The food was delicious and only $12 (or $25 if you want unlimited drinks with them), and it was a very chill atmosphere.

After brunch, we wandered up 7th Avenue, stopping in a bunch of little shops and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Brooklyn Industries was giving out free mimosas, which was lovely:

And we also stopped into two different Sterling Place shops, which were a lot of fun. I *need* a candelabra and a silver serving plate, don't you think? We wandered through the Park Slope extension of the Brooklyn Flea, one of the things I really loved to do when I lived in Clinton Hill five years ago, and saw some great furniture and hats that we didn't buy. Another highlight was Lion in the Sun, an adorable little paperie, where Roger bought a few small note books and I perused the lovely personalized stationary. One day when we're wealthy, everything I own will be monogrammed as if to say, "I was here. I existed."

After a brief rest at home to watch Blackfish, which was really upsetting of course, we headed to Dinosaur BBQ with Danielle and Rob. I'm trying to eat vegetarian, which was obviously a massive success there (not), but it was really delicious.

Dino BBQ Brooklyn

Danielle is so Brooklyn that she bikes everywhere.

We had dessert at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, where I had the birch beer float (not as good as the salty honey pie, but still quite tasty) and took this amazing picture:

After that, Danielle bid us adieu and we wandered over to Union Hall for drinks and to meet up with Erica, who is still one of my very favorite people even though she lives four hours away in Pennsylvania now. Also, I always forget how great that bar is.

And on Sunday, we recouped from the busiest, most Brooklyn day ever by doing a bunch of long overdue work and trying to maybe finally one day kind of get the house the way we want it. Almost. 

The closest we got was re-finishing one of the two chairs we were going to re-finish, and putting a cover on an outlet that was previously exposed. Admittedly, the one chair we finished *does* look great.

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