Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Friday Night

Kevin Carter, Will Fleming, Chelsey Morar, Kristin Maffei, Roger Arnold

I just really love this photo, taken by one of my favorite people, Alisha Levin, who refused to get into the picture, and instead captured each of us perfectly.

This past weekend was one of old and dear friends. I've known Alisha for twenty-one years, since she was in my second-grade progression class. I met Will and Chelsey and Roger in high school, over a decade ago now, and Kevin I met for the first time in college, and knew instantly that this guy Alisha had been talking about for ages was a keeper. After dinner - the best kind, enormous and long and filled with drinks - we met up with Danielle and Rachel, also dear high school friends. I'd managed to get drinks before all this with three of my cousins and one of their friends who is now one of mine. On Saturday, I celebrated the wedding of my very oldest friend, the first person I met in Mahopac, Emily, and was surrounded by a family that feels so familiar they're almost my own. And on Sunday, I did celebrate with my own family: my parents and my mother's best friend and Roger's family all joined together for a barbecue.

Sometimes it can be hard, being so close to the place I grew up. It can feel as if I've never left, never rooted myself in unaccustomed earth as Lahiri and Hawthorne would say. But sometimes, it's feels like New York, with all its personal and public histories, is exactly where I am meant to be.


  1. Roger looks incredibly sexy in this photo and I really really really adore your oxford.