Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Golf Range

These summer weekends are just slipping through my fingers like all the sand I haven't been laying out on all season! I remember summers felt like they lasted forever when I was a kid. Although, what season didn't last forever, then?

Friday was all about the errands. After work, I finished sewing the edges of my quilt, and brought the topper to have it embroidered. Then, I headed up to Harlem to retrieve some of our mail (our neighbors in Harlem were seriously the best!), and buy cold cuts for a picnic. Of course, by the time I got to the park for the picnic, it was just starting to rain. Alas, we ate sandwiches in the kitchen instead. I did see this very cool sidecar on a bicycle, though:

On Saturday, after spending all morning trying to figure out how we should spend the day (the picnic was again ruled out because of impending rain), we decided to try our hand at the driving range on Randall's Island. Turns out, we're not great at golf (or, at least, at hitting golf balls), but it is a lot of fun!

Driving Range at Randall's Island Golf Center

Driving Range at Randall's Island Golf Center

Driving Range at Randall's Island Golf Center

Driving Range at Randall's Island Golf Center
My lips are pursed in concentration.

Roger and I were pretty majorly shown up by Rob, the Fieldston boys next to us, and pretty much every single other person at the range, but we still had a great time, and now I'm considering taking lessons. In order to ... further my future in business, I guess? One of their instructors didn't start playing golf until she was 30, so that gives me a lot of hope.

Just as nice was hanging out on the Golf Center's patio, where they had cornhole, ping pong, and a nice little bar with some food.

After a little time on the patio, we decided to walk to Astoria, where Rob lives, to meet up with Cece and check out Bohemian Beer Hall for drinks and dinner. We walked across the RFK Bridge, which was shockingly unprotected:

And had a gorgeous view of the Hell Gate Bridge:

We had a great time at the beer garden, and then headed back to Rob's for a little bit to charge Cece's phone and play Octodad, which is hilarious.

Sunday was all about resting and playing catch up. I went on a short run, watched about a million episodes of House, and then tried to get a little productive. I'm still no where near Inbox 0, but maybe I'll get there one day. We ended the weekend with a nice walk around Greenwood Cemetery and some ice cream. I've wanted to visit the cemetery since we moved, so it was really cool to walk around it, finally! In fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to cancel our housewarming so that we can go to a whiskey tasting there on August 16th...

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