Thursday, November 20, 2014

The United States 2008 Vice-Presidential Debate - A Fashion Analysis

Just kidding. Basically all I have to say about this is that one time I owned the same dress as one of Sarah Palin's daughters. No, not the pregnant one. The other one, Willow. What did it feel like? It felt like, wow, celebrities are just like us because we all shop at H&M sometimes. It also felt like, wow, that time Joe Biden teared up was really emotionally moving for me. (This was a year of emotional moments from male politicians. I remember watching Rahm Emanuel's commencement speech and choking up a bit when he said not to be reckless with the lives we'd been given.) Mostly I was just surprised that a candidate's family would wear something from H&M and not, say have something specifically made for them.

Now my friend Maura owns it.


  1. I was totally intrigued by this blog post title! haha
    I have a sweater from H&M that hermione wears in the one of the harry potter movies, and I had the same thought. H&M the great uniter, huh?

    1. Ha! Not Intent On Arriving clickbait titles FTW?

      Who knew so many celebrities/movie wizards loved H&M as much as we do? :-)