Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Art Art Art

You probably know I suffer from envy. My friends, this November, it has abounded. I do what I can to not let it overtake me, but if I'm honest my heart aches from it sometimes.

It aches even when I'm at the opera on Halloween, even when an artist I love stops in at the gallery at the same time we do, even when my hair looks fine. Sometimes I ache even on weekends like this one, when everything is perfect.

On Friday night, we saw Gone Girl and then had grilled cheese and beer at South. On Saturday we had brunch and went to the Jewish Museum and two galleries. On Sunday we went to a preview brunch at Christie's and then I skipped my long run and spent the rest of the day being productive.

The weekend was, of course, a perfect weekend.

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