Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Traditions - Christmas Tree Hunting 2014

Christmas tree hunting is a beloved pastime in our family, and my parents and I continued that with my mother's best friend this past weekend. It went much faster than it usually does, largely because we decided to go with a cut tree, rather than cutting our own like we have for the past few years. Also, my mother seems to have gotten less picky over the years. She picked the third tree we looked at. During my childhood, I remember looking at what felt like hundreds of trees, just to go back and buy the first one we'd seen.

I wasn't around to help them decorate, so I don't have any images of the final product yet, but hopefully next weekend, Roger and I will set up our little fake tree and do a bit of decorating in the apartment!

What kind of a Christmas tree do you usually have? Do you cut your own or have any traditions around finding the perfect one?

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