Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Southern New Year - Charleston, SC

Monday, December 29, 2014
We woke up to a foggy Atlanta morning and made our way east to Charleston.

If you're planning a trip from Atlanta to Charleston, there doesn't seem to be very much between them as far as sights and restaurants go. Other people recommend you fly into Charlotte instead of Atlanta, and drive down along the coast to Savannah, which is something to consider, though I'm glad we went to Atlanta. So, we didn't stop for lunch or anything along the way, just drove straight through. There is, however, very cheap gas:

Once we arrived in Charleston, we checked into our hotel and took a long walk into the historic district, passing some really gorgeous houses along the way. Going through all my photos, I realized that the thing I took the most pictures of were all the incredibly beautiful houses and doors we saw. The South has really cornered the market on gorgeous porches.

In town, we saw Preservation Society of Charleston, which had some really interesting items and books for sale. It reminded me a lot of Sterling Place, one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn.

After a bit more window-shopping, we headed to Magnolia's for some local beer and pimento cheese, which was really tasty. If anyone has a recipe for it that they'd like to share, I'd love to make it one day soon!

Afterward, we headed to High Cotton on the recommendation of a friend that we try their shrimp and grits fritters, but it turns out they don't make that anymore, so we grabbed a cocktail, listened to the live jazz they had playing in the bar area, and then headed to South End Brewery for a tasty but unmemorable dinner of pizza and burgers.

We walked through the empty City Market to keep out of the rain, and then headed to Kaminsky's for their famous tollhouse pie, which was tasty, but given that pie crust isn't my favorite thing on earth, kind of felt like they were ruining a perfectly good cookie.

Next up: Historic houses, a covered market, and some more rain.

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