Friday, January 9, 2015

More Than Miles - My First Marathon

It's marathon time!

What I'll be wearing on Sunday. And Shelby got me this awesome one for post-race!

You might not know this because I, um, didn't really blog about my training like I said I would. Sorry. My blogger bad. But, my very first marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon, is happening in just two days!

I might not have written much about training because there wasn't much to write home about. Despite having more or less perfect weather for most of my long runs, I didn't feel like I had any really successful runs. I felt like I was plodding most of the time. Not getting my act together in time to register for any fall runs didn't help much either. We'll see how thing go, but my only goal is to finish and have fun. My bib number, 5752, has my favorite number (52) in it, and my corral is K, so I think those are both good signs.

I had originally hoped to finish in under 5:30, but given how poorly my training has gone recently, I don't think that's reasonable anymore. My plan is to stay with the 5:30 pacers for as long as I can, but to feel okay falling back when I need to. (In training, that's been between miles 13-17 on various runs so far. I'm hoping that with the crowds and the music and general endorphins/excitement, I'll be able to push past that a bit.) I'm excited to try my hardest, but I want to enjoy the journey and not exhaust myself.

Our bags are packed and our flight leaves after work tonight. This is our first trip to Disney World together, and our second to Florida. In addition to Roger, my family, Liz, and Mike are all coming out to support Shelby, Courtney, and me. I think we're all going to have a blast!

And at the end of the day, that's what running is about for me. It's more than miles. It's community. It's entertainment. And it's doing things I never thought were possible. Like running a marathon. And getting Roger to go to Disney World.

Wish us luck!

[Edited to add: I never ended up recapping the marathon. Maybe I will one day! I finally wrote about the marathon two years later! But Shelby's perspective is still super interesting, so read what she wrote about it here.]

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