Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday in Oxford, 2007

I hope you all had a great Super Bowl Sunday yesterday! We watched the game at Danielle's house with a few friends and had a blast (and too many wings). It got me to thinking about the first Super Bowl party I'd ever been to, which is one I helped plan while I was studying abroad at Wadham College.

In perhaps the only even vaguely political act I've ever undertaken, I somehow got myself elected with my friend Becca as co-representative for the Sarah Lawrence Programme on the Wadham Student Union in 2006. The SU is a fantastic body that tackles important issues (like living wage for staff), funds clubs on campus, and also puts together parties for students. As SLP officer, one of the biggest parties I helped plan was our annual Super Bowl party. We bought pizzas and made our first (unsuccessful) attempt to purchase a keg in the UK. (We ended up with plenty of bottles and cans instead, including Budweiser, which in our attempt at patriotism, we realized is terrible and also ridiculously expensive there.) We invaded the JCR and figured out which channel was airing the game, which was on at around 10pm, I think. Eventually a very miniature game of American football broke out in one half of the room, too. I've never thought of it before, but I guess that party at Wadham was the beginning of a long tradition of me planning these types of social events; just last Thursday I helped plan an almost identical party for my office (which, you know, is also kind of based in Oxford).

It was a fun evening and one of my many, many wonderful memories from my year there, so I wanted to share some photos from the party here. I haven't been back since leaving in 2007, so I wonder if this room looks at all the same today, or if the SLP rep planned a Super Bowl party this year. If anyone from Wadham is reading, let me know if it's still a tradition!

Even at the Super Bowl, studying never really stops:

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