Monday, March 9, 2015

Life List - Get a Domestic Partnership

Roger and I have been talking about getting a domestic partnership basically since we moved in together three and a half years ago, and then, ya know. Never did. Until Friday!

We waited until the last possible minute, as usual. I'm about to start a new job, where he'll likely get on my health insurance, and where I can't take any time off until September. Since the city clerks' offices in New York are only open 8:30-3:30pm, that means we would have to come in to work late or take a day off. Since Roger will probably need to get on my insurance before September, on Thursday night, we realized we absolutely had to do it the next morning, and so we did.

You know my habit of taking my camera everywhere with me? Somehow, in our rush to get everything organized and done, I left mine at home, so all we have are our memories and some blurry cellphone pictures, but I think that's more than enough.

On line to get in through security

On line to fill out our application

"Because now I'm your property, see?!"

That night, we had dinner at Danielle's, and she kindly took some pictures of us because the one we took at the clerk's office was blurry. (We asked a nearby groom and he seemed to be a little nervous. I love that one, too, and am planning to frame it.)

Somehow, despite generally being a little bit more of the romantic in our relationship, I was all business about it, and Roger was the one who brought home champagne and keeps calling me "partner" every morning. I'm so glad he's mine.

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  1. This is the sweetest!!! Congrats K&R- and I know I commented on your blurry photo from the office, but I love that photo. Framable for sure.