Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Traveling the World's 10 Happiest Countries

CNN released a list of travel spots in the ten happiest places on earth a few days ago, and it just furthers my desire to plan a trip to Scandinavia one summer day. Visiting Iceland several winters ago (see the image above) was wonderful, and I'd love to visit Norway one day soon.

Thanks to Danielle for sharing this with me!

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  1. Don't limit yourself to summer in Scandinavia! We went to Copenhagen/Reyjkjavik (Still can't spell that damn city right) over new years and it is beautiful, and cheaper for being in the off season. I LOVED the Tivoli at christmastime in Copenhagen- and I am not a big amusement park/touristy place type person. I would say early december over late december, some things were closed. For a trip, I didn't mind the small days, and it was actually warmer in Europe than it was in Denver that week :)