Thursday, April 16, 2015

#LillyForTarget Preview Sale at Bryant Park

I complain a lot about living in New York City because there is legitimately a lot to complain about. But, all those hours of being stuck on the subway, all the morning runs trying to avoid rats, all the freezing winters and sweltering summers just paid off, because I was able to check out the Lilly Pultizer for Target sale four days early!

I'm not a big shopper, but since getting my new job, I've been trying to amp up my wardrobe a bit, and so I'm excited to have this more affordable collaboration happen right now. This was my first Target collaboration shopping experience, so I figured I'd write a bit about it.

I got on line (oy, NYC and her lines!) at about 7am, and it was probably about 100 people deep at that point. By the time I got in at 8:15 or so (the doors opened at 8), the line had easily doubled in size, and the first person to arrive got there at 3am. Did I mention that NYers love their lines? While we waited, men in dinner jackets brought orange-mango-ginger drinks around to everyone. I thought it was tasty, but someone on line said it tasted like Tang. Do you know that the first time I had Tang I was instantly enamored? I said to Roger, "This is the most orange thing I have ever tasted. This is so orange. Isn't this the freshest orange juice you have ever tasted?" He said, "This is not even real orange juice. This is Tang." Anyway, I thought the juice was good but someone else on line did not.

Anyway, the line moved super fast (much, much faster than the average line I've waited in before), and I was in by 8:15am. It was a little crazy inside, but no where near as crazy as the one Black Friday sale I have been to. They kept restocking items, which was very nice, and while not everything I wanted was there or in my size (I was hoping for a bikini and a "fan dance" shift dress), I'm really glad I got to go and check out everything early, so I have a better sense of what to buy on Sunday.

Anyway, some notes from the sale that maybe will help you if you also weirdly want to shop preppy clothes a lot lately:

  • The dresses were much higher quality than I was expecting, for only being $38, so if you're thinking of getting one of those, go for it! 
  • I also found the sizing to run true-to-size. I bought a 10 and a 12 in the "See Ya Later" shift dress, since there were no fitting rooms, and the 10 fits best, which is pretty normal for me, so go with your normal size if you're ordering online and can't try anything on. (I'm pretty sure I'm going to return both and get the "Fan Dance" or "Nosie Posie" shift dress instead. But if you're dying for a hot pink shift dress and you need a 10 or 12, hit me up!)
  • I also bought the "Upstream" shift dress, which I wasn't drawn to at all online, but which really spoke to me in person. I think I was turned off because the navy is more subdued online, but it's actually pretty vibrant and I love fish. I read all these things online that were like, "Pick out what you want before you go," but of course it's hard to know what you'll like in person, so don't be afraid to change your mind, either.

Anyway, the pop up shop closes when they sell out (I kind of feel like they won't sell out, since there's a 5-item or less rule and they seemed pretty prepared to keep re-stocking), but free manicures and juice will go on all day until 6pm at Bryant Park if you're in the area and need a quick mani. Enjoy!

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