Thursday, April 30, 2015

Royal Baby Watch

I was just thinking back to this moment, four years ago. It was such a lot of fun, that day.

And because I am nothing if not self-centered, I am now thinking, of course, about how my life has changed since that day four years ago. I still get up ridiculously early to do ridiculous things, but I don't live in my parents' house anymore. I still live-text everything I do to Shelby, but I've finished the MFA program I had just agreed to attend that month. I still read more or less everything I can find about Kate Middleton, but I no longer do it from that office.

Things: they're the same, and also different. When I think of all the experiences I've had since then and all the people who are in my life now who weren't then, I can't help but be grateful. In the middle of everything, it can be easy to feel like nothing is progressing, but from a distance, it's a little more clear that things are progressing quite a bit.

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