Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - Shelby Visits Brooklyn

It was really nice to have Shelby visit this weekend! We've seen a lot of each other recently, between our reunion and running the marathon and me visiting her new house, but she hadn't yet seen our apartment, so it seemed like now was a good time for her to come down.

On Friday, I had a site visit at work, to a conference at MetroTech. It was pretty cool to walk around and remember all the others times I had visited it. My father worked at MetroTech for many years, as director of programming for the FDNY, and we would visit him at least a few times a year. This was always a personal favorite sculpture:

This is also a very cool thing that was happening at the conference, in case you ever wanted to see a giant plastic container making smoke rings.

That evening, Roger and I cleaned a little bit, ate a delicious dinner of rice, veggies, and eggs (any combination of these three things is my favorite food), and waited for Shelby to get past all the traffic in the tunnel.

On Saturday morning, I brought Shelby to Ikea, where she'd never been before. It was great! I got some mineral oil for our butcher's block, and Shelby picked up a few serving pieces. She also decided to buy everyone's favorite bookshelf, the Kallax. (She likes it in black, as you can see behind me in this photo, and we have it in white.)

After that, we met up with Danielle and it was more shopping at the Brooklyn Flea. I haven't been in ages and ages, though when I lived in Clinton Hill, we would go almost every weekend. It was fun to see how much it has changed, and how good other people are at placing vintage items together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Shelby had commented earlier on my moon landing ashtray and how she wanted something similar for her house, and lo-and-behold, we found a Disney World one for her! Ah, ashtrays from the 1960s. Too cool.

We headed to Fonda for brunch after, and it was so nice out that we were able to sit outside. Sadly, the service was probably the worst we'd ever had there, but I think everyone enjoyed their drinks and meals, so all was not lost.

On the way back, Shelby and I stopped in Flirt, a shop I've always wanted to check out. It was adorable, and Shelby picked up these gorgeous sunglasses that reminded her of her grandmother and look perfect with her new haircut!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting, drinking, and ordering pizza. It was wonderful, and made me realize how much I miss spending time with this awesome lady.

On Sunday, we headed out on a lovely walk to a moving sale, where I picked up a Lido Milano pitcher and eight ice tea glasses for $2. I can't wait to use them at our next dinner party! Shelby and I met up with her mother and cousins for a delicious and fun brunch at the Brooklyn Beet Company in Bay Ridge, before saying goodbye for the weekend. It went by too quickly, but it was really a wonderful Brooklyn weekend!

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