Monday, May 18, 2015

House Tour II

I realized yesterday that it's just about our one-year anniversary in our "new" apartment.

We had a bit rough time moving in here, for reasons both in and out of our control. We were sort of half forced out of our last place because of heating issues and decided to move at the last minute. I scheduled a vacation for us that began on the day we signed our lease and ended just two weeks before we had to move. We house-sat for friends a week after we moved in, and then a week after house-sitting ended, Roger went to the Ivory Coast for three weeks.

So, it took us a while to get settled in, although, surprisingly, not quite as long as it took us in our Harlem apartment. I guess we sort of know each other's tastes by now. Once we had outlined what we were hoping for, it was all done pretty quickly, and by the end of summer and early fall, we had more time to explore our neighborhood and see the friends we have who live nearby. (So many more of our friends live nearby now than when we were in Harlem!)

Since we've been here about a year, it seemed the right time to give you a little house tour. Welcome in!

So, funny story. That scaffolding went up around 10pm on Saturday night, when they started tearing down our cornice. We had scaffolding up in our old apartment for most of the time we lived here, so we're kind of used to it, but it was a little disappointing to come home to after an evening out.

When you walk into the apartment, you're instantly in the kitchen. Ta da!

To your right is our dining nook and bar/cookbookshelf.

Across from the kitchen is a double-closet, and on the far wall is our washer-dryer and the hot water heater.

Just next to that is our bathroom.

There's a little step up into the main room from the kitchen area. I learned this the hard way: by tripping over it and onto a bottle of creme de menthe, which promptly shattered, covering the house in sticky green liquid the night before we moved. We had no paper towels, so we sopped it up with tote bags and after the movers tracked it around the house, the floor was sticky for days until we could scrub it.

Most of our living area is this one, large room. I worried when we signed on the place that our furniture was too old-fashioned, and while it would have been nice to have some shiny new modernist pieces, I think we've settled in pretty well. To the left is our living room area.

As always, we have a million books. We did we even do when we first moved to Harlem and only had the two tall wooden bookshelves?

The right side of the apartment is split between our bedroom and the office. Another bookshelf separates the two.

The dresser at the foot of the bed serves as a bar any time we have guests, and it's also where I keep my clothes. It belonged to my grandmother. The plants are all Roger's. We're both especially fond of the spider plant.

The office is still a bit of a mish-mash, but it's nice to have a separate space to do some work, and I love the bookshelf, which also has some storage space on the bottom. One day we'd like to get a little sewing table (me) or filing cabinet (Roger) to go below our shrine to travel (the three shelves on the right), but we can't agree on what to get, so we haven't moved on that quite yet.

Thanks for dropping by! If you'd like close-ups of anything (I'm especially proud of our shrine to travel) or want to know where anything came from, just let me know!


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  2. I cannot compete with the delightful comment above, but I love this home tour! What a great space!